Emergency Facilities

Full range of emergency services including resuscitation and house calls.


Minor operative procedures (e.g. K-wiring, POP application, reduction of dislocations and PRP procedures), intra-articular interventions and orthopedic emergencies.


Nasal scope, ear scope, microscopic ear examination & procedures, minor ENT surgeries and emergencies (e.g. nasal bone reduction, foreign body removal).


All types of surgical procedures (e.g. circumcision, excision of cysts and lipomas, excision biopsy, removal of ingrown toenail and skin lesions).


As a one stop centre, KNS clinics are well equipped with X-Rays and Ultrasound services.

Occupational Health Services

At KNS, we have Occupational Health Doctors who are certified to attend to your industrial needs and abide by the highest standards of OHS.

Laboratory Tests

Full range of clinical investigations and laboratory tests (with affiliation to accredited laboratories) including point of care testing in the clinic.


Neonates and children, adults, pilgrims (Umrah & Hajj), food handlers, travellers.

Medical Screening

We provide a variety of medical check up packages to suit your requirements.

Health Talks

We are able to customize programmes for education purposes to and spread awareness in the community or at your workplace.

Wellness & Preventive Care

Healthy lifestyle habits, dietary and nutritional counselling, weight management, psychological counselling, anti-ageing and physical rehabilitation.


All our clinics are fully registered with FOMEMA for foreign workers’ medical examination.